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JkGlobal Connections is a professional education service provider whose mission is to promote global early reading education and learning literacy initiatives through worldwide partnerships and collaboration among the private/public education and non-profit sectors. Cooperation and collaboration among educators and professional organizations at all levels is vital to the future of teacher training.

Joy Koller, founder of JkGlobal Connections, is an online reading mentor, international educator, reading interventionist and provider of English reading support services for children, teachers and schools in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Reading Mentors serves as a role model for struggling readers and as a guide and resource for parents and teachers. Miss Joy strives daily to dramatically improve the reading skills and confidence of all learners.  She offers a variety of web based eLearning solutions (guided reading programs, research-based methods and reading approaches), parent resources  and  personalized  literacy instruction  to develop and achieve the necessary reading skills  children need for life. The mission of myreadingmentor.com  is to make a difference to reading attitudes and abilities of our diverse language learners  to help students reach their potential and become confident enthusiastic readers.

 We are sharing our resources and expertise more widely through formal partnerships and authorizations with specific organizations:

Sound Reading Reseller

Touch-type Read and Spell Reseller

” We work closely with JkGlobal Connections™ ,  a dedicated English Language Learning (ELL) teaching and instruction provider for students in Mexico.  As part of this relationship, we combine our  Sound Reading online reading software programs  with My Reading Mentor’s eLearning Solutions for literacy instruction in Mexico. Together we offer an instructional platform for reading and ELL skill development for native Spanish Speakers in Private Bilingual Schools. Studies show that ELL students that have used Sound Reading made significant improvements in their reading abilities.  To get a better understanding of what our program offers click: Sound Reading in Action.”

Sound Reading Solutions: http://soundreading.com/reading-comprehension/reading-strategies/esl#Activities

Reading is a complex task which is not an automatic skill for many students. Reading is hard work and no matter whatever approach or method is used to teach reading, most students can become proficient. However, teachers worldwide need support and training in identifying children at risk of reading failure. Research has shown that understanding the development of important skills required of a proficient reader is a critical part of successful reading. Our goal is to help eliminate children’s struggle with learning to read in English.

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JkGlobal Connections Guiding Principles

  • Our  commitment is to share our  resources  and programs on our updated website at www.myreadingmentor.com.   My Reading Mentor™  the reading concierge for   personalized  instruction, technology, and learning.
  • Our professional commitment is to educate teachers about methods and approaches that have worked well and proved effective in reading improvement for large numbers of children. Teachers can build their students’ skills efficiently and effectively, with greater results than before. Five areas of reading instruction are provided: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary and text comprehension.
  • Our international commitment is to be carried out with Educational Institutes that are in need of  eLearning solutions that reflect best reading practices  for improving reading performance in young students and English Language Learners of all ages.


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Our school partnership program with Sound Reading Solutions(SRS) offers English Language Learners in elementary grades K-6 the opportunity to learn how to read and spell in English. SRS provides students and educators with a unique learning approach to understanding the English spelling system.



My Reading Mentor in partnership with  Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) offers  individual English Language Learners ages 7 to adult   an opportunity to improve their  reading and spelling in English.  TTRS is a multi-sensory computer based course for developing literacy while learning to touch-type.  TTRS is established in thousands of primary and secondary schools worldwide in the State and Private Sector, Colleges, Homes, Prisons, Community and Literacy Programs.

EEECF transparent

Our key partnership in promoting our social mission and campaign for Early Education and English Literacy is with the Early Education with Every Child Foundation in the United States. Together we provide a scholarship charity program for economically disadvantaged children and public schools in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico


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Global Vision International (GVI) is a multi-award winning social enterprise that runs high impact volunteer and international education programs. For more than 15 years GVI has helped thousands of people make a real difference in their world while also gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to live and work in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. GVI Mexico is our designated partner in providing the *Little Reader* English curriculum to young English Language Learners attending Save The Children Ludoteca(s) Centers in Playa del Carmen , Mexico.

The KKIS Project is a non-profit organization in Playa del Carmen. The KKIS Project is committed to making sure that it lets students know the importance of an education and improves their chances of staying in school. We collaborate with KKIS to achieve common goals in giving children the opportunity to have an English education.

KKISS transparent

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A private bilingual school in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, provides English Reading Support Services to support implementation of our Sound Reading Programs for up to 200 native Spanish speakers in primary grades, K-6.

A private bilingual school in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, provides English Reading Support Services to supplement their English curriculum  with Guided Reading  and  language development instruction for native Spanish speakers in elementary grades.  

ETS®: TOEFL Junior®Test

My Reading Mentor offers quality English-Language Instruction to younger students. We understand that proficiency in English communication is becoming increasingly important to student potential and readiness for future opportunities.  Our Test Prep course for the   TOEFL Junior® Standard Test, packaged with the TOEFL Junior Exam  further demonstrates  our  commitment to providing the best possible instructional support for  our English-learning students.  Instructional resources are purchased from  English Testing Services( ETS)  the world’s largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization in the USA.

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