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animated-gif-why-do-you-readMotivation, determination, and ambition might not come as second nature to some. Miss Joy encompasses all of those and surpasses it all with her passion. With the drive to teach, share, and empower, she allows others to achieve a path to growth through rich multi-cultural experiences. This adventure of language has been woven through the thread of her experience and the lives of children around the world.

Growing up as an only child, and having always loved being around children, Joy was drawn to teaching and education. As many do, after graduation, she found herself exploring what path to take next.  Signing up for an overseas program in the UK she found herself jump-starting the international teaching career path she’s on today.   Fueled by a love for culture and language and literacy, Joy understands the value of support for children worldwide.

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upload to galleryHaving worked for international schools for years, Miss Joy has taken her career and philosophies to the next level as an entrepreneur, or ” “teacherpreneur”  in the industry.  As an international educator and literacy teacher, she provides research-based, innovative and multi-sensory programs to those who simply have a love for learning and literacy.  Miss Joy was willing to go off script to bring new ideas and programs into the Mexican Bilingual schools. Taking new ideas into a local school system and putting them into action is not an easy task, especially when starting out on your ‘own’ in a new country.   It takes a certain drive or attitude beyond just teaching in a classroom, but also through influencing other teachers, leading, advising and making change happen within education.

Miss Joy launched My Reading Mentor as the result of living and working in a local private bilingual school in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Being in a perfect position,  she was able to not just understand what English language support was missing and needed in the classroom – by being there – she was able to have a chance to introduce and implement eLearning solutions to language learning and improve literacy outcomes for English Language Learners.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, NGO Manager, or literacy organization, her skills are available to customize a program to provide support and strategies for children who struggle with learning to read in English.

Miss Joy knows that every learner is unique and that one-size-fits-all instruction does not work for most. Personalized learning with  My Reading Mentor provides instruction that is tailored to learning preferences, and to the specific interests of different learners.

Going beyond just one-on-one support, she has also reached out to and partnered with educational software companies to sell and implement specific research based reading programs.   My Reading Mentor proactively incorporates technology to foster a love of learning and to create a  more interactive reading experience for students. Through this partnership, she has been able to share her work through outreach and literacy charity projects.

“Making a difference in a child’s education and their life is a reward like no other. I  focus on providing a safe, nonjudgmental environment where students can develop positive experiences with language and reading”

Empowering the Children

Language is a tool we use every day and, of course, it allows us the skills to read and write. But, going further, when we allow children to expand that knowledge, we are giving them the world. Children who read become empowered, creative minds with souls that crave experience. Fueled by the need to learn, these children understand self-motivation, direction, and will achieve an attitude for lifelong learning. Empowerment is life.

Specialized Literacy Programs

Miss Joy deeply understands the different paths that children take to learning.  She trained and has sought certifications in different areas of reading disabilities and therapeutic interventions to identify developmental dyslexia. Miss Joy creates engaging reading programs as an alternative to standard learning practice.


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