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The TOEFL Junior® Standard English Learning Center course offers our students an “Exploring Language” feature to raise their linguistic awareness.  Students engage in interactive language activities to help  further explore and understand eight units of study.

While studying about life in the Solar System, the Milky Way, and the Universe in general, one student decided to share his own wonders of the Universe.  Watch Alvaro’s journey to space!

Punctuation = Reading with attention to punctuation            Fluency with Punctuation (Reading Resource)

  • stopping and taking breaths at periods . . .
  • pausing at commas , , ,
  • making your voice go up for question marks ? ? ?
  • showing excitement for exclamation points ! ! !
  • using “quotations” to change voice for characters

”  Fluency is the ability to read words accurately and automatically with expression. Because fluent readers do not have to slow down in order to concentrate on decoding the individual words in a text, they can focus their attention on the text’s meaning. In this way, fluency acts as a bridge between word recognition and comprehension, and this relationship is reciprocal. That is, when a student understands the meaning of the text he/she is reading, it is much easier to read that text with expression.” -Karen Ford

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A book report tells about a particular book. To write your own book report, start by choosing a book. You can write about a book in any category: adventure, mystery, fantasy, biography—fiction or nonfiction. Once you’ve read the book, complete your GRADE LEVEL  Book Report  below. To become a good writer – click ideas here: Enjoy! Miss Joy

Thank you, Liza for sharing your story, Darby’s Birthday Party  with us!

 I  asked  a few of my students what makes a good book?

Maria Jose, third grade

I like the book The Mystery Wind, because it was interesting and it was very good. The wind talks and I like fantasy. Reading helps me to be a better reader. Reading in English I can learn more words. I read every day.

I like funny books, because funny books tells stories and makes me laugh. Some books explain something fun like a joke. Reading helps me learn new words in English. My favorite book is Sinkhole Science, because a sinkhole is a big hole in the earth and its very deep. I like learning about science.

Alvaro, third grade

Cayenne, Fourth grade

My favorite books are funny, happy, good and sometimes bad. Reading is important for your education because watching TV ruins your brain. When I read a good book my mind is like watching a movie and I can imagine a lot of stuff.  I like the book series Magic School Bus and Puppy Place. I am in Sound Reading class and I work on vocabulary, grammar, spelling and English. I like the matching word game and there are a lot of activities I like. I like when we have to count how many sounds we hear in a word.

Reading is important because it helps me understand stories and my imagination. I learn about other countries. I learn about something special and the differences of the world. I like the book Julio Berne. It’s a book when people go on an adventure in the world. I really like to read. Learning English in Sound Reading Class helps me understand English words.

Rainer, fourth grade

Victor, third grade

I like the book I’d Like to Be, because I like what people do when they are big. Reading is important because I learn to work more. I like to read in English because I learn more information  about firefighters, police officers, and the woman who is a pilot and how she can fly a plane.

I like RAZ KIDS because the stories are really amazing and I learn about many things that I didn’t know before!!! I like more a book when it appears information about wildlife, cultures or gastronomy of a country because I can learn more of that country. My favorite books are China and Titanic Treasure. I like to read in English because I learn many new words and how to pronounce the words.

Ana Laura, sixth grade

I like the book What?. It’s about a cat that asks what food he will eat and the mom always says “fish” and finally the cat asks mom if he can eat pizza. I like the story because it’s funny. I like to read because my mind is focus on reading.

Erandi, second grade

Aitor, second grade

I like books about basketball, football Americano, rugby, lions, tigers, birds, ants and bees.

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