Looking for great  reading and language apps for your iPad?








The following is our  recommended short list of  awesome reading and language  apps  that will help your child practice their essential English  literacy and oral language skills.

Splat-O-Nym Lite By Read Naturally, Inc

Description of Splat-O-Nym Lite

Splat-O-Nym Lite is an engaging, independent vocabulary game that helps students learn synonyms and antonyms through four fun activities: Synonym Splat, Antonym Attack, Context Contest, and Lightning Round. Students enter the game in level one of the Synonym Splat activity and move up and down through levels one through four of the 24 levels included with the full version of Splat-O-Nym and between the four game activities based on their performance.

iLEAP Reading Comprehension By Epiphany Games

Description of iLEAP Reading Comprehension - A Trip to the Zoo

iLEAP Reading Comprehension is a collection of short non fiction stories written for developing readers in grades K-2. Each story comes with comprehension questions that are integrated directly into the reading. As students read the story they will be stopped and prompted to use a reading comprehension strategy to help them remember and  understand what they have read.

K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite By K12 Inc.


K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite lets readers in grades K-4 practice fluency, the ability to read smoothly and quickly.

Sight Words Flash Cards - list of sightwords for kids in Prek-2nd grade By eFlashApps, LLC


Sight Words Flash Cards is designed to develop pre-reading skills such as recognizing common words by sight and sound.

Phrasal Verbs Machine By Cambridge University Press


At Cambridge University Press, we know that Phrasal verbs are complicated for non-native English speakers to learn and use. We also know that it’s essential to use them if we want our writing and speaking to sound natural. However, studying unending lists doesn’t seem to be the best way to learn and use them efficiently. Phrasal verbs are, more than anything, action. And action must be visual. The more visually stimulating the learning, the better we will understand and assimilate the phrasal verbs.

Frequently, phrasal verbs can have more than one meaning. In the examples we’ve chosen, you can sometimes find the most common and well-known meaning while other times we use the more obscure one. In any case, you can always find an example sentence in English and the translation into five different languages. We’ve also included other meanings when they are useful or necessary to fully understand the phrasal verb.

Sock Puppets By Smith Micro Software, Inc.

Description-Digital Storytelling

Sock Puppets lets you create your own lip-synched videos and share them on Facebook and YouTube. Add Puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds and start creating. Hit the record button and the puppets automatically lip-synch to your voice. Excellent for English Language Learners of all ages to practice their oral language skills through storytelling.

Friends can work together with multiple puppets and create hilarious conversations. While recording, simply tap a puppet and that puppet will lip-synch, tap a different puppet and switch auto lip-synching to it. Switch backgrounds to take your puppets to different places, move the puppets, props and scenery to animate them while recording. Cartoon and photo realistic puppets are included.

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