The Virtual Book Room offers  English literacy support up to 5 or 10 months during the academic school year. Students can read texts at their level and in their areas of interest anytime with 24/7 Web access to the practice they need to become better, more confident readers. Tuition is for monitoring or self-paced programs. 

How to Enroll

step 1Contact Miss Joy  for an initial telephone interview to discuss you or your child’s  suitability for monitoring or self-paced program.

step 2Select a commitment  length and program option


Trimester of 5 months or 10 month self-paced program.  Optional continued use month by month is granted on a case-by case basis.  Pay upfront or pay as you go per month.

step 3Begin Reading anytime, anywhere


Home users can begin reading in as little as 24 hours upon receipt of payment.  Registration required one week before start date.

  •  2016-2017, NEW student inscription fee: $200  MXN for administration, set-up and testing
  • Open enrollment from September- February
  • New students  start every first Monday of each month.
  • Spring promotion packages


  • Initial Online Reading Assessment
  • Introduction Meeting with Miss Joy
  • Access to all reading levels
  • Monthly comprehension skill reports
  • Monthly summary activity overview
  • Virtual rewards for level progress
  • 2 audio messages per month from Miss Joy
  • Remote supervision and email support
  • 5% Sibling Discount


  • Weekly book assignments with worksheets
  • Weekly progress monitoring
  • Review of  recorded readings
  • Frequent  personal Audio  message recordings
  • Monthly Comprehension skill reports
  • Monthly activity summary with feedback
  • Virtual rewards for level Progress
  • Level Progress reports
  • Initial online Reading Assessment
  • Completion Certificate
  • Remote supervision and email support
  • Skype Introduction meeting with Miss Joy
  • 5% sibling discount

Conditions and Terms

  • One seat allows for one registered student from September-June (academic school year).
  • For individual users, My Reading Mentor officially “count”  the  student when they have used Raz Kids  on the 2nd occasion within the 4 week monthly cycle. My Reading mentor is not responsible for students’ inactivity or lack of usage on the program during a trimester
  • My Reading Mentor is not responsible for intermittent internet connection difficulties for home -users.
  •  An assigned seat for one trimester can not be replaced by another student on a monthly basis. Special circumstances will be granted if internet complications prove to prevent usage for over 90% of the time during a four week cycle.
  • Tuition is paid  monthly according to the reading plan and package agreed upon  at registration. 
  • We monitor our  monthly reports and invoice at the rate specified in the appropriate  reading package.
  • Raz Kids is designed to improve students’ reading  fluency and requires practice , effort and student commitment to practice reading in order to benefit from the program.
  • Prices are quoted in MXN, valid for exchange rates below 19MXN to 1 USD and will be updated according to current exchange rates in 2017.
  • RAZ lesson plans are provided for  students on weekly assignments and progress monitoring.
  • Worksheets are not assigned to self- paced students.
  • A limited number of students can register throughout the academic school year. Parents and students are advised to follow the recommended program guidelines provided by My Reading Mentor.
  • Special rates/discounts apply for  siblings registered in the same virtual reading program.
  • Occasional promotion offers announced throughout the year
  • RAZ is available on IPAD
  • Tuition payments are made by cash deposit at OXXO stores, or one time  upfront payment upfront  for 5 or 10 months. To keep our tuition rates low, we can not provide discounts for upfront payments.
  • PDF worksheets are provided for students on monitoring. Parents will be required to print out weekly worksheets. Printing options may be included on a case by case basis. 
  • Students  on monitoring need to complete worksheets along with their weekly book assignments.
  • Monitored students are assigned a virtual slot each week for book reviews and  lesson planning.
  • Limited seats available for self-paced summer reading contracts, conditions apply.
  • New students can request an  introduction meeting via Skype with Miss Joy

Please click  print Print  below  and send an email copy to: In the message  write: “I accept” *Conditions and Terms* and your name.

  1. Click Email:

email accept conditions and terms

2. Then fill out the *Email This Page* info and finally click *Send*

email conditions

Thank you!

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