Lively Letters: Phonemic Awareness/Phonics

Lively Letters is a dynamic phonemic awareness approach developed by a speech and language pathologist and reading specialist. Lively Letters combines phonology and phonics to improve reading and spelling in English. Students learn to recognize phonemes (sounds), to read and spell words correctly.

Children may be familiar with letter names/or sounds, but with Lively Letters we focus on how the sounds are made. Using a guided discovery approach we learn how the sounds are made and how to determine if our voices are on or off. The letters are directly embedded into pictures of lively characters that show what the mouth is doing when the sound is produced. A fun story and hand cue help students to pronounce the sound quickly.

  • Letter/sound associations (there are 44 sounds of the English Language and each sound is taught in order of level of difficulty – structured and explicit).
  • High Level Phonemic Awareness: Blending, Segmenting and Manipulating one syllable words in English.
  • Reading and spelling one syllable words in English


sequence letter sounds

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