Reading comprehension- The most important 21st century skill

Reading comprehension is the foundation for all other learning and knowledge. In our information age, students will fail if they cannot read and comprehend.

Every student can learn to read well with deep comprehension because My Reading Mentor teaches  reading effectively with the personalized interactive digital reading content and curriculum that students  need.

My Reading Mentor  provides students reading comprehension lessons with ReadWorks research-based curriculum

  1. A high -quality library of curated nonfiction and literary articles in the USA,  with supporting research-based  curriculum and formative assessments
  2. Online reading comprehension lessons, vocabulary, and formative assessments to drive fundamental improvement in student achievement.

Why Reading an  Article-A-Day so Important?

Students need a great deal of background knowledge and vocabulary in order to comprehend, even if they are fluent readers. The biggest reasons why even fluent readers cannot comprehend is that they lack background knowledge about the topic, and lack vocabulary. The more background knowledge and vocabulary a student can learn, as early as possible, the easier and faster it is for that student to learn even more as the year goes on.  Knowledge generates new knowledge and is an endless process.

Reading one high-quality nonfiction article every day independently,  not only builds reading stamina, but  also impacts knowledge and vocabulary gain over the course of the school year.

How do I join the  Online  Reading Comprehension Class ?

Step 1: Students go to: and  sign in with their Google account.

Step 2: Students enter the My Reading Mentor Class Code.

Step 3:  Once students are enrolled, they will be able to access  their online assignments.

What device do I need to access the Online Reading Comprehension class? 

ReadWorks Digital should work on any modern web browser running on Windows 7+, MacOS X 10.10+, ChromeOS, and iOS 9+.

Are ReadWorks Digital materials research–based?

ReadWorks is based on the highest quality research, beginning with the seminal findings of the National Reading Panel (NRP) and RAND Reading Study Group.  Everything ReadWorks creates is based on proven cognitive science research, not unproven academic theory.

What reading comprehension content and curriculum can I find on ReadWorks Digital?

  • Nonfiction and literary articles
  • Question sets
  • Vocabulary support
  • Paired Texts
  • StepReads:  less complex version of an authentic nonfiction or literary text. StepReads are carefully written to retain the style, tone, word count and artistic merit of the original text.
  • Audio versions of articles




Tuition includes access to our online classroom and weekly assigned readers.  Students  submit their completed reading assignments only once for grading.   Monthly score reports are sent by email the last week of each month.

Interested in two  or more virtual learning programs? Ask us about our special  product bundle pricing for specific reading programs.

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