The TOEFL® Young Students Series help measure your child’s  English-language skills and guide them to the next steps of learning.

My Reading Mentor offers the TOEFL Junior® Standard English Learning Center(ELC)  Course by  Educational Testing Service ( ETS) and facilitates exam registration for the TOEFL Junior Standard exam. 

The TOEFL Junior® test is a reliable measure of  English-language proficiency for students ages 11-15.   TOEFL Junior  scores are valid for two years, due to the age range.  Scores can be  be considered valid beyond two years if the test taker provides evidence of having maintained the same level of English language learning.

 TOEFL Junior® Standard English Learning Center

Designed to enhance the English-language skills of students’ ages 11-15, the TOEFL Junior® Standard  English Learning Center offers an “Exploring Language” feature to raise students’ linguistic awareness. Students engage in shorter text-completion activities, such as notes, emails, announcements, brief biographies and book extracts.

Students can:

  • practice English with a range of materials that include both everyday and academic English
  • enjoy interactive lessons with real-world examples
  • practice grammar and vocabulary in meaningful contexts
  • take responsibility for the learning process through guided independent study
  • receive feedback on their strengths and areas needing improvement
  • focus on building reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as they are used in the real world
  • accelerate language acquisition with visual and audio prompts and cues


 How It Works:

My Reading Mentor teaches the ELC course content using a blended learning approach. Students interact with the instructor (face-to-face) during a portion of the ELC course along with independent study, self-paced online learning. The ELC course includes: 8 theme-based units with approximately 20 hours of online learning material covered in 18 weeks. Learning objectives are common to a wide range of learning curricula.

Students ages 11-15 participate in engaging activities to enhance their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.



18 WEEK COURSE schedule click HERE

ELC Course Syllabus click HERE 

Independent Study Packet- COVER PAGE

 Students receive an online resource binder that is  password protected with specific lessons to complete for each unit. Additional videos are provided for specific lessons to support comprehension and understanding of target concepts. 


Sponsorship – Individual

If the student’s tuition will be paid by a person other than his/her parents such as a family member or friend, please ask us about our “ “sample letter of sponsorship for individuals.”



COURSE ENROLLMENT DATES: 2017-2018 academic school year:      

**TOEFL JUNIOR official exam dates will be confirmed December 2017.  Exact time of the exam will be determined during the registration period. The exam will take two hours to complete.



Start date: September 5th, 2017

Test Registration:

January 23rd-26th, 2018

Test Date:

February 16th, 2018



Start date: October 3rd, 2017

Test Registration:

February 22nd- 23rd, 2018

Test Date:

March 16th, 2018

TERM 3: 


Start date: January 30th, 2018

Test Registration: 

 May 22nd-25th,2018

Test Date:

 June 15th, 2018

Upon completion of the ELC course an ETS-issued Certificate will be granted to the student upon completion of the TOEFL Junior® English Learning Course.  ALL students will be registered for the TOEFL JUNIOR Standard exam upon completion of the ELC course in Playa del Carmen. Students must bring at least two number 2 pencils with them  on the day of the exam.  Students are required to arrive at the test center  15 minutes before the exam begins. Exam scores  will be delivered to you up to 4 weeks after day of the exam. The TOEFL Junior Standard test — measures Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, and Language Form and Meaning

Our inclusive course for the TOEFL Junior Standard test  was designed for busy parents and  individual students in mind.  Our value package fee includes:  One-on-one instruction in addition to the TOEFL Junior ELC curriculum,  two TOEFL Junior  practice tests, online password protected resource binder for independent study,  facilitation of the test registration for the official paper- based TOEFL Junior Standard  exam administered at a local testing center in PDC.

 Information for Parents:

 How You Can Help

Parents also play a crucial role in all educational achievements. By working together with My Reading Mentor,  you can provide the support and guidance that your child needs to reach his or her goals.

More Info: 

 * TOEFL Junior® Standard Test Scores:

* TOEFL Junior® Standard overall score levels, overall performance descriptors and Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) profiles.

*  TOEFL Junior® scores are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) so you can use them for international bench-marking of your students’ English proficiency  levels

* Test Content

** English language learners who take the TOEFL Junior® Test will  receive a Lexile® score, providing My Reading Mentor the opportunity to customize language and literacy instruction to match students’ current Lexile level. Score descriptors here:


Contact Miss joy for details

Please note: prospective students MUST live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to enroll in the Course.  If you are located elsewhere in the Riviera Maya, Mexico- please  contact Miss Joy.

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