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How To Enroll

A free 15+ minute consult today.
  • Phone consult to find out if we can help
  • Contact Miss Joy at My Reading Mentor for a free phone consult to discuss you or your child’s suitability for our literacy programs and to ensure correct program placement.

Please contact us by leaving a detailed message in the contact form in our contact page.


Making Appointments:

  • Explain in detail what you are looking to accomplish in the appointment.
  • All appointments must be scheduled online.
  • Consultation meetings are : Wednesday-Friday.
  • Live one-on-one support via Skype  include 8 sessions per month.
  • Text messages are received after initial online booking.


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Choose an enrollment option

Most students need 5-10 months . You can choose to pay monthly as you go or pay in advance to avoid monthly tuition fees.  Siblings receive a discount on all web-based reading programs. Payments are accepted at any local OXXO stores.  Miss Joy will recommend an option based on you or your child’s learning needs.
Request a fee schedule for specific programs

Skype lessons are tailored for individual reading plans and paid through our online payment option with PayPal.

School Services please request a consultation meeting and explain in detail the specific services or literacy programs  that interest you. Please review the 5 key questions below.  Reading Support Services are tailored for Primary grades: Kindergarten-Grade Six.

My Reading Mentor- *Home-to-School Connection*  is now offering schools the opportunity to expand their English Program and provide students extra oral reading practice and literacy learning at home. Schools that enroll up to 15 or more students will be granted a school discount for specific English web-based reading programs.  To make sure you’re covered, there’s several reading resources on our website  that  parents can use to help their children improve their English in school. Want to find out more? Contact Miss Joy.

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Start reading  at home

Students can enroll in a web-based reading program the first Monday of each month throughout the academic school year ( September-June).

Once you have a start date, here are the next steps:

  • The Welcome Letter.  Miss Joy  will send a welcome letter introducing you to the web-based reading program including a   quick start guide on how to use the platform. Additional information will be provided to confirm your goals and to answer your questions .
  • Reading Assessment . Most students start with an online reading assessment which includes a running record to place students in an appropriate reading level in the program. Parents also  discuss their child’s  learning needs and expectations, so we can be sure to know how best to meet you and your child’s learning goals.
  • Individualized Reading Plan. Using these inputs, we develop a reading plan and discuss how we assess progress for both monitored and self-paced reading programs.
  • The Weekly Routine for Web-based Reading Programs.   Students spend a minimum of 10-20 minutes three days a week completing their reading exercises/book selections.  Your child will be signed up for either a monitored or self-paced reading program. All programs include remote support and regular check-ins by email.
*Integrating ICT in teaching and learning an English Language Education*

Questions for schools about technology and teaching children to read in English. 

1. Is a process established in your school for reading support, technology specialists and classroom teachers to collaborate on reviewing the possibilities and recommending uses of technology to enhance English Language Learners reading instruction?

2. What technologies( hardware and software) are available in your school to support reading instruction? How are they currently being used? How are teachers prepared to use them effectively?

3. Which of the five components of effective reading instruction( phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) need to be strengthened in your English Language Arts curriculum? Which technologies can enhance these components?

4. How is your school providing reading instruction to students who are reading below their grade level? How can technology support teachers in helping these students?

5.  Is information being provided to parents about how technology can help children learn to read in English both at school and at home?

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