new-iconMy Reading Mentor motivates virtual learners by providing rewards and recognition for virtual learning participation and success!

Family involvement is an integral part of early grades reading. Any virtual learning program  that focuses on reading must attend explicitly to fostering the  home literacy connection. The literacy practices outside of school must overlap into the home as well.   We build relationships with parents as partners in supporting the learn-to-read process for their children. We showcase  children’s accomplishments, articulate educational goals, and explain progress development. Our virtual reading incentive plan is another way to build relationships with families and engage their support in helping children not only learn to read , but to inspire and promote the love of literacy.

Our Book Bucks Virtual Reading Incentive Plan is designed for busy parents , caregivers , relatives and friends! Our unique and fun virtual prizes will let your  child  KNOW that the time they spend practicing and developing their language /literacy skills is time that IS recognized by YOU as a valuable and an important life skill! Share your recognition of  reading and consider a special  virtual gift for your child  below. Orders are customized  by  American Artists in  the states.

Book Bucks – The Virtual Reading Recognition and Incentive Plan

1USD book buck=20 MXN pesos


Print out Book Bucks PDF Here. Make copies and cut out the book bucks. Give your child a book buck for each book they completed! Make sure you have an envelope or JAR labeled BOOK BUCKS.  PARENTS decide HOW many book bucks their child  needs to earn for a special reward.  Purchase one of our virtual prizes as a reward. Want more ideas for Book Bucks? Click HERE for ideas. We also have a limited supply of Reading Prizes:


MXN Pesos: $325.00 MXN paid at OXXO, contact Miss Joy for more details. Videos will be uploaded to YouTube and delivered to your email 7 days following the day you made the purchase.

Order a personalized GIF/ VIDEO of your child with a  GIF animated book that says:

“Student’s name, Today a Reader- Tomorrow a Leader!”

The  Gif file consists of a moving animated book image with a static photo of your child, titled  *Star Reader* 

To order your  *Star Reader* personalized photo Book Gif/ Video, contact Miss Joy for details. 

Personalized Message from Alejandro

MXN Pesos: $375.00 MXN paid at OXXO, contact Miss Joy for more details. Videos will be uploaded to YouTube and delivered to your email 7 days following the day you made the purchase.

Meet Alejandro! Alejandro is a bilingual puppet character and he will deliver a  customized  puppet video message( English and Spanish) to your child. If you would like Alejandro to send a message to more than one child please indicate the total number in your shopping cart. After your order please contact Miss Joy for the details required in the script. Please read the script below:

“Congratulations ( child’s name)! Miss Joy told me you read a lot of books in English. I love to read too. Cool! Be Awesome! Continue to discover the magic of reading! I heard your mom,( mom’s name) and dad ( dad’s name), are proud of you too. Great job! Your friend, Alejandro.”

“!Felicidades!! ( el nombre del niño) , Miss Joy me dice que tu lees muchos libros en ingles. A mi me gusta leer tambien. Super! !Asombroso! Sigue leyendo! Continua descubriendo, lo magico de la lectura. Eschue que tu mama, (El nombre de la madre)  y tu papa ( El nombre del padre) , son muy orgullso de ti. Buen Trabajo! Tu Amigo, Alejandro. “

To order a  video message from Alejandro in Spanish and English, contact Miss Joy for more details. 

We will be  adding pictures of  new characters eager to become stars in their own right.  Each  puppet character will have a NEW message for your child! Coming soon, a very funny gorilla and two birds.

NEW videos with script will be posted SOON!!!  KEEP checking!


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